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Citrus Fruits
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Solutions for Contract Manufacturing, Packing & eCommerce Fulfillment.

Products and services

Our broad capabilities serve all industries and include primary and secondary packaging and fulfillment services, for food and non-food applications. The industries that we serve include:

Our Expertise
  • SQF Certified

  • Capable of handling spices, powder, granular, and dry, food products.

  • We utilize multiple packaging types such as form-fill-seal, pouches and cartons.

  • Automation – Our facilities are equipped with fully and semi-automated modular packaging lines. We are committed to efficiency through continuous improvement by remaining current with the latest technology.

  • We are available from test to small and large production runs.

We offer our customers expertise in managing their projects which include packaging design, material selection, supply chain management and cost-effective shipping solutions.

Whether you are a large consumer packaged goods (CPG) company or a smaller company looking for support from a contract packaging expert, contact us to help with your next project, we would love to hear from you and quote your business.

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288 Judson Street, Unit 17

Etobicoke, ON

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