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At EH Fresh we aim to ensure you have peace of mind that the products you take from us are made to the highest standards. The ingredients we use and the processes we operate produce the finest products for you. Our experienced team understand the important role that each of them have in the process at EH Fresh and all take great pride in everything that we do.
What we do
Image by MK +2

Presenting products in an appealing way, sparking interest with small gestures, capturing hearts with gifts, using intelligent manufacturing and packaging – whatever gains you that all-important competitive edge. Our core competencies, and our passion, lie in contract manufacturing, sourcing raw material, paper packaging, promotional items, and gift packaging,  as well as in assembly line and pick and pack services. 

Social Commitment

Value-driven and committed: EH Fresh is a company that can look back on a long tradition, so we attach a great deal of importance to shouldering responsibility. Not only for our employees, but within our locality too. This is demonstrated by the wide variety of social and cultural projects run by Corbrook and funding projects for individuals with developmental disabilities.

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